I am a father of two children; a boy age 2, and a girl age 5.  I am a husband of 12 years to an amazing treasure of a woman.  I am a business owner of 10 years at a company I have worked at for nearly 15 years.  I am the son of a professional photographer that instilled a love for the outdoors, solitude, exploring, and finding sanctuary in the simple beauty of nature.  This background has made me #BossDad.  I have had experiences over the course of my life that has given me a diverse set of talents that I would love to share with any and all who will read and ponder with an open mind.  But I am still having those experiences on a daily basis as I pursue this adventure called life.  I will share them with you openly and honestly as I continue the course I have chosen with dedication to my business, that it may provide for my family, and allow me time to pursue my passion for adventure.

Welcome to #BossDad Adventure Guide