Steak and Potatoes

About half way through my meal of Steak and Potatoes the other day, as I savored the juicy and flavorful taste of red meat cooked to perfection, topped with the buttery and well seasoned flavor of roasted potatoes; crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I thought back, trying to remember when my last meal of Steak and Potatoes was. But what I was reminded of immediately was how much I enjoyed that basic meal. It’s something I need to enjoy a bit more often in my life.

There are certain things in life that are so consistent and dependable that you almost tend to forget about them.

I’m talking about the things that get set in the corner to collect dust. At first the intention is that you will come back to them. So they are set aside carefully and in a precise spot with that intention. But after some time something lands in front of, then on top, and soon it’s buried under years of neglect and past memories.

Now it’s out of sight and out of mind. You’ve forgotten how good it was and how well it had served you. You’ve moved on to new and more exciting things. More convenient things. Things that might often even come at a higher price and seem, at the time, more fulfilling.

But eventually, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you rediscover that thing. You pull it out with a sentimental smile on your face as the sight, feel, and smell brings a rush of memories that will forever be attached to that thing.

You dust it off and, with a twinkle in your eye, think “I wonder…..” as you give it another try only to be amazed at how quickly and easily it fills a need you forgot you had.

These things are the Steak and Potatoes of life.

These things are cheap, out of date, out of style, etc., or at least that’s what the world tells us. Often times we have to work a bit harder for these things. They don’t function as easily or make us feel as comfortable as a ‘modern replacement’ might and that’s often why they get set aside.

But on that Saturday afternoon when they are rediscovered you almost feel guilty for ever taking on that view. As if you had traded in years of commitment, loyalty, and memories for a joy-ride that lasted for an hour.

Sure, after driving that cold, noisy, and slow 1974 vehicle for a week you REALLY appreciate the power, comfort, and warmth of a newer car. But there will always be something in that old car that the new car will never obtain. A legacy that it will never be able to live up to. A dependability it will never earn.

I’ve re-discovered several Steak and Potato items in my life and, unfortunately, I’ve lost a few Steak and Potato items as well……let go in exchange for that new and exciting thing. But I think that’s okay too. I’m not suggesting you become a hoarder!

The important thing is to remember the taste. To remember how consistently that simple meal fulfilled you, took care of you, and got you through to another day. Because it has contributed to what you have today……… where you are today and how you are today.

It’s built your character, strengthened your determination, and shaped your future. Maybe it’s even embarrassed you a few times as you pulled your collar up, hoping no one would see or notice.

No matter how it’s effected you, its undeniable that it HAS.

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